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Started March 03, 2012 - 05:32 PM



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How do I quote text with bullet points?

How do I quote text that contains bullet points? Do I give it any sort of special treatment or should I just begin and end the quote and keep the formatting as I normally would with bullet points (each point beginning a new line)?

#2 Guest_Guest_* Replied March 04, 2012 - 11:25 AM

I am assuming you are trying to quote a bullet point list. In that case, I would recommend using a block quote. End your lead in sentence with a colon, then begin your block quote on a new line indented 10 or more spaces in (it should be more than your regular paragraph indentation). Maintain whatever formatting existed in the original list. Do not use quotation marks for a block quote.

If this is for a class, I would also recommend checking with your teacher or professor to see if he or she has any preferences.

#3 kmw Replied March 04, 2012 - 05:35 PM


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I wouldn't do this in the first place. I'm more likely create my own list using the source material. Quoting entire lists can be awkward, but it's simply done.

Here's something from one of my own articles:

Who’s Eligible?

Anyone. Are you:

· At least 18 years old?

· A citizen?

· Employed?

· Having your paycheck direct deposited into your checking account?

I'd just quote the material as normal within my text, like this:

According to a reliable source within the company, one should be able to answer the following questions: Are you...

"· At least 18 years old?

· A citizen?

· Employed?

· Having your paycheck direct deposited into your checking account?"

The quotes look a little awkward, but it's perfectly acceptable. Especially if you intend to cite the entire list.

But as I said, I have an aversion to quoting lists in this manner. I'd more likely do something like this.

According to a reliable source at the company, one's chances of getting accepted are greater if you are:

· 18 years old

· A citizen of the United States

· Have a job

· Your paycheck is direct deposited to your checking account

I just think it looks cleaner.

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