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Started March 05, 2012 - 10:20 PM



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Capitalization of nicknames

Do you capitalize the nickname of a person?

#2 patw1985 Replied March 06, 2012 - 05:17 PM


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You should capitalize the nickname of a person or character if that particular nickname is unique and/or specific to the person or character. For example, former baseball player Mark McGwire was nicknamed Big Mac; the name was unique to him (although obviously derived from the popular burger), and thus capitalized as if it were his name.

Generic nicknames like sport, buddy, and guy (among many others) would not be capitalized as people toss around those names in casual conversation all the time. Of course, these common nicknames could attach themselves to a particular person; if everybody calls your friend "buddy," and he responds to it exclusively, then you would capitalize it appropriately.

#3 turiyacons Replied March 08, 2012 - 05:16 AM


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Another opinion is that a nickname should be given equal status to that of a full name of a person, and always be capitalized. Particularly so, when you consider the fact that the nickname by itself is a fully qualified identifier of a person often used by way of endearment or sometimes even by ridicule. The good practice in written text is to place the capitalized nickname of the person next to the full name, enclosed with double quotes and separated by a comma as in: Mark McGuire, "Big Mac".

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